Saturday 19th June 2021

I Was There – Keira Summerhayes

When I found out I was going to the Paralympics I couldn’t really believe it! I’d seen the stadium and the Olympic park on TV and it looked amazing; I couldn’t believe that I would be there soon! You could see what the crowd and what the atmosphere was like on the TV, but you don’t realise how it feels until you’ve experienced it properly. So here’s my London experience...

It started off early… really early! We got to London at about 9:00 in the morning and parked at the hotel and went off to have a look around London: there was a great atmosphere with athletes walking around the city, and fans and tourists everywhere.

We got the tube to the park, and there were volunteers wearing orange foam fingers, directing you towards the park. All of the fans were walking around with face paint on, and carrying flags; the volunteers’ moral was high, so everyone got a buzz from it. The Paralympic Park was amazing! It was so big with more volunteers giving out maps and just talking and dancing.

The stadium was huge! We couldn’t believe how big it actually was! There were loads of shops and stalls all the way around it. After we’d had a little look around we went in and the atmosphere just got better! There were screaming supporters everywhere; a camera crew running around filming people; athletes warming up; there was loads going on! It wasn’t long before the first events started up. And there was so much support for all the athletes, whether they were British or not; the crowd was happy to cheer anyone on! After a while of waiting David Weir came out to race his 1500m heat, and the roar was massive! As he went around the track there was a Mexican wave of cheers; it was fantastic! And obviously everyone stuck around till the end to see him pick up his medal for the 5000m which he’d won the previous day.

The whole London experience was amazing! The park was huge, and colourful, and I’m glad that I was lucky enough to experience it!