Friday 18th June 2021

Inspired and Moving Visit

In February, our Year 10 pupils received a visit from Gee Walker, whose son Anthony was killed in Huyton five years ago as the result of a racially-motivated attack. In the aftermath of the tragedy, Mrs Walker formed the Anthony Walker Foundation, a charity that promotes tolerance, non-violence and racial harmony in schools across Merseyside and beyond. Gee showed students a new film called "Colour-Blind", directed by comedian Lenny Henry, who had been inspired by the work done by the Foundation and the Walker family.

It was filmed in Liverpool with local actors, a part-funded by Liverpool Football Club. Although the subject matter is very serious, the film had moments of light heartedness, and even humour, which encouraged the pupils to engage with its powerful message. Gee spoke very movingly about her struggle to come to terms with her loss, explaining to pupils the need for forgiveness, and the strength that she had found through her Christian faith. She also talked about the support she had received from others, and the importance of fellowship and mutual respect, whether in local communities or the smaller community of our school.

Pupils and staff alike were overwhelmed by Mrs Walker's compassion and dignity. In fact, students from other year groups have been asking when she's coming back, since they've heard such amazing reports from students who attended! We hope to have Gee back soon to share her inspirational words with more of our pupils.