I was born and raised at Fazakerley High School, our motto for literacy is:

‘Be Scouse and Proud, but learn to speak proper(ly!)’

We understand that our ‘Scouse’ accent is who we are, and we never want to lose our identity, but we also understand that there is a time and a place to use our ‘Scouse’ vocabulary and ‘Scouse’ grammar. In the classroom, we try our best to demonstrate high standards of spoken English – you’ll hear ‘SCOUSE MOUSE’ if someone makes a spoken error like ‘I done my homework’ or ‘We was going’. Scouse Mouse is our way to remember these standards, because we believe that ‘If you speak like an essay, you will write like an essay!’

Stay Scouse and Proud, but don’t let your grammar let you down!

Here are some of our favourite activities we do to promote high standards of literacy in every subject. If you want to find out any more, contact Miss Mathews in the English Department (she’s my secretary).

No Pen Day: One day per year we ban all writing in lessons across the whole school for all year groups.  It’s a great way to promote speaking and listening skills.

World Book Day: Some great boko recommendations from staff and pupils and some brilliant fancy dress ideas – we can’t wait until this year. I might go as a Beatrix Potter mouse.

World Poetry Day: The poetry Patrol will be back – checking that your poems have been learnt and can be recited! Our pupils will battle for a place on the Fazakerley Poetry Plate for winning poems.

See our literacy policy on our polices page for further details about literacy across the curriculum.