School Council - 2018

Fazakerley School Council had their first Upper House meeting at the Town Hall, with Schools' Parliament on Wednesday 26th September 2018.

This involved various workshops with local Decision Makers in the morning session and taking part in Liverpool Eurvoice in the afternoon session.

Liverpool Eurvoice was facilitated by the European Youth Parliament UK, that ended with a Question Time with the local Decision Makers.

Fazakerley School Council, had their first meeting of the new term. The guest speaker was our own Community Police Officer, PC Caroline.

The council have been asked to help Merseyside Police with their Poppy Mosaic. This mosaic will commemorate the 158 officers who fell in WW1. The mosaic will incorporate the Police Force Crest and the officers' names.

The council are helping to design some of the poppies that are to be used in a service, which will be held in November at the police headquarters.

The school council members also ran and served at the 'Council Café' at Fazakerley's recent Open Evening. The members kept both staff and prospective parents hydrated with tea, coffee, bottled water and biscuits, for the whole open evening event. They hope to reopen for a career event taking place in school in December.

School Council - 2017

Year 7 Council

Year 8 Council

Year 9 Council

Year 10 Council

Year 11 Council

Our School Council is a group of students, from years 7 to 11, who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to help improve their school experiences.

Our Council is an important and useful way for our school to provide leadership and development opportunities for our pupils.

Our Council is an excellent way in which to increase participation, teaching young people about democracy, local and global citizenship and accountability.

It also brings a range of ideas to the meetings, that benefit not only the pupils but the wider community and allows pupils and young people to have a real say in issues which impact on them.

The Council support local charities/ food banks and organisations.

We meet weekly and have termly fund raising events.

We work closely with The Schools’ Parliament and have numerous visits to attend meetings at Liverpool Town Hall.

When a School Council is supported and nurtured it helps to improve many aspects of school life.

Members 2017/2018

  • Year 7
    • Harry Farrell
    • Brodie Gardiner
    • Partryk Broda
    • Shauna McKay
  • Year 8
    • Joseph Liptrot
    • Phoebe Purcell
    • Ted Keeton
    • Olivia Gore
    • Michael Williams
    • George Baxter
  • Year 9
    • Amy Jo Sumner
    • Jacob Blake
    • James Lee Kennedy
    • Kion Gaskell
    • Jacob Graham
  • Year 10
    • Elliott Truesdale
    • Kendal Barlow
    • Libby Wilson
    • Ashnip Sodhi
    • Nadya Sudiman
  • Year 11
    • Luke Williams
    • Tom Cregeen

Members 2015/2016

  • Year 7
    • Jacob Graham
    • Kate Emmett
  • Year 9
    • Katie Mullen
    • Daniel Walker
  • Year 10
    • Sophie Dakhlaoni
    • Rebecca Rigby
    • Adam Grierson
  • Year 11
    • Philip Harding
    • Lewis Martin
  • Year 12
    • Jess Wood

Liverpool City Councillor

Anthony Lavelle a past pupil and now newly elected Liverpool City Councillor came back to Fazakerley on Monday 6th June 2016 to take part in a School Council meeting with our council.

Anthony was a former school councillor for two years at Fazakerley and was a very active and dedicated member. Helping to get guest speakers in to visit the school and attend council meetings.

Anthony was very involved in local politics and would arrange for MPs such as Steve Rotherham and Stephen Twigg to come into Council meetings for question and answer sessions.

Anthony also asked Edwina Currie along to one of our meeting and to visit our school, we spent a day with Edwina and hosted a whole school questions and answers session with her, which was extremely interesting and entertaining.

We are all immensely proud that Anthony has followed his passion for politics and that he has been elected to be a City Councillor at such a young age.

We wish Anthony all the best with his political career and hope to see him again in the near future.