Fazakerley High School takes the attendance of its pupils very seriously. All pupils are expected to achieve a minimum of 97% attendance.

Parents / carers have a responsibility to ensure that their child attends school every day.

All parents / carers are expected to contact the school via telephone on each day of a pupil's absence. When a pupil returns to school, they should take a note to Student Services explaining the reason for their absence.

Parents / carers can assist by

  • Arranging appointments outside of the school day
  • If arranging an appointment outside the school day is unavoidable, returning your child to school for the remainder of the day.
  • Only arranging holidays during the school holiday period. The school will not authorise holidays in term time and therefore any absence during this time would be classed as unauthorised. Parents/Carers can be fined for taking unauthorised holidays.

The diagram below highlights just how significant taking days off school can be to your child's attendance.

Attendance Intervention

If your child's attendance falls below 92%, they will be placed on an 'improving attendance card'. The pupils attendance will be monitored for 10 days by their form tutor. Pupils must be present for 10 consecutive days to no longer be monitored. If, whilst on an improving attendance card, if your child is absent, they will be placed on 'stage 2' and each morning will have to report to their designated attendance leader. They will be monitored for a further 10 days and are again required to be present for 10 consecutive days. Non-completion of stage 2 will result in parental consultation and a further review of your child's attendance.

Throughout the year, selected pupils who's attendance is of a concern, are required to attend an attendance workshop. Led by experienced staff, pupils are informally educated as to the importance of a high attendance and the wider impact an inconsistent attendance can have in their academic development. On completion of the workshop, a pupils attendance is monitored for the remainder of the year to ensure progress is made.